Air Freight Brokers

We offer competitive worldwide air freight transportation options via hand selected providers with the world's leading airlines and partners.

Our process begin by finding an airline that can ship each client goods on time, and then find a way to complete that shipment without going over budget.

If scheduled shipping isn’t enough for a client, we charter a flight to meet their specific needs to complete our client deliveries at a reasonable price.

Our brokers are experts in working directly with airlines and partners this enable us to help your business to delivered crucial supplies on time.

Comprehensive support included in freight broker services:

- Coverage Domestic and International
- Monitor shipments
- Compare rates and negotiate with carriers
- Services Updates
- Critical Freight Deliveries
- Industry Specific Solutions

Why Choose Us
- International shipping connections
- Tailored shipping arrangements
- Competitive options
- Scheduled or Charter service
- Broking Participation
- Leveraging our expertise
- Long-term relationship
- Collaborative approach
- Dedicated Account Manager